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Another Dying Light 2 infoblast is scheduled for July 1st

What are we dying to know this time?

Zombie parkour 'em up Dying Light 2 finally announced its December 7th release date last month during a livestream by developers Techland. They've queued up another of the sort of this Thursday to share more about the sequel. Here's hoping they dive a little deeper than last time.

The first of Techland's "Dying To Know" livestreams didn't really tell us all that much we were dying to know outside the release date. It was mostly just a recap of things we'd learned about DL2 over the years since it had first been announced. The trailer down here goes over most of the big points: factions, combat, and the shambling hordes of baddies that aren't technically zombies.

Cover image for YouTube videoDying Light 2 Stay Human - Official Gameplay Trailer

Techland did properly show off some nighttime gameplay, the time of day when the hordes are properly out and dangerous, which we had yet to see much of from the sequel. You can catch some nighttime UV light action and some of the dangerous nests that you can sneak into at night as well.

"I'm interested in it for the reasons the first Dying Light was so good: all that jumping and zombie smashing," was Graham's take on it after the recap. "It's got good the-floor-is-lava monster chases and monster stabs." That it does.

Techland didn't specify what the talking points will be for the next livestream. With the general refresher and release date announcement out of the way though, perhaps they'll dig in to specifics in some fashion.

We'll all find out together this Thursday, July 1st at 8pm BST (12pm PDT) over on Twitch.

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