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ARMA III Trail Considers Details, Sometimes Shoots Them

Most shooter trailers have a way of getting to the point. The point, in case you hadn't guessed, is shooting. People, vehicles, other guns - nothing is safe, and everything is eyebrow-raisingly capable of exploding. Including your eyebrows. ARMA III, though, takes its time. Sometimes, it doesn't get to that point at all. Mid-way through, it even puts a guy in the line of fire and then shoots elsewhere. In the process, though, you get quick looks at, well, basically everything. Helicopters, air strikes, luxurious car interiors - you name it - all bathed in "the light of a romantic sunset." Never change, ARMA III narrator man.

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So now I'm excited about crouching options. That's a thing. It all looks excellent, though, honestly. Sure, it's no gigantic leap up from ARMA II in the grand scheme of things, but I can scarcely think of how Bohemia would even accomplish that. I mean, it's got the mud-crusted basics of true-to-life-but-still-fun accuracy pretty well figured out, and Medal of Honor already has the market cornered on hyper realistic warbeards. So really, what's left?

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