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Assassin's Creed Valhalla adds gear appearance changes tomorrow

Ravensthorpe will be in bloom soon

Hope you're ready for spring, Valhalla vikings, because another seasonal festival is about to kick off in the settlement. Ubisoft's next title update for Assassin's Creed Valhalla tomorrow will add gear transmogrification so Eivor always looks their best. Later this week, the new spring festival will bring some new challenges and rewards for you.

Valhalla's Ostara Festival will run from this Thursday, March 18th, to April 8th. Like the winter festival, Ubisoft say that Ravensthorpe will get a bit of a makeover and some new activities. This time around the village will be blooming. You'll also have egg hunts to participate in and new rewards to earn. More details about the festival will arrive later this week when it begins, they say.

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Also coming in the new title update is the ability to change the appearance of your gear and armor. For 50 silver, Gunnar the blacksmith in Ravensthorpe will change the look of your gear into something from the same category of items. Transmogs are always welcome in RPGs. It's a shame to choose between gear with great stats and great looks.

You can catch the rest of the patch notes over on Ubisoft's site. Also notable is a close camera option that will toggle a more zoomed in camera view for running about but pull back during combat. Ubisoft also say "There will now be more cats throughout England." Huzzah!

Ubisoft say that title update 1.2.0 will be approximately 15.85GB for PC players. It's expected to launch around noon GMT tomorrow, March 16th.

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