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Assassin's Greed

I know I've used that headline before, but hell, it works. I really do need to find a way to recharge my pun batteries, however.

Assassin's Creed was one of the most Angry Internet Men-angering games last year, and, like Bioshock, it refuses to go away. This time, there's a piracy problem. Aaargh. I'm terrified that Assassin's Creed + Piracy is the secret formula that will cause RPS readers to rise up and destroy the entire planet, but here we go....

1) Ubisoft is suing a disc replication company for leaking AssCreed PC code to the internet six weeks before release. To the tune of $20m. Ouchy.

2) Apparently only 40,000 copies of the PC version sold in the US through June, compared to 700,000 pirated copies. Americans: does "through June" mean "during June" or "up to and including June?"

3) Eyebrow-raisingly, Ubisoft claims it stuck a crash-bug in the leaked code as a security measure. And that the leaked, buggy version thus created word that the port was in poor shape, further harming sales and causing 'irreparable damage' to Ubi's reputation.

Which all adds up to quite the tale, and one I almost dare not comment upon. I'm sure you lot will.

Full story and more details at Gamespot.

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