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Battlefield 2042 adds new scoreboard today, voice chat following in April

They're still finishing the game

Electronic Arts released Battlefield 2042 before it was finished, and they're still scrambling to add bits it should've had four months ago. Today they release Update 0.3.3, with the main change being a new scoreboard which actually shows scores. They also now say that their multiplayer game where large teams compete over objectives will finally add voice chat with the next update, which is tentatively scheduled for early April.

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The Battlefield 2042 Update 0.3.3 notes list a few bug fixes but the most notable change is the new scoreboard. This time, the scoreboard shows player's scores.

A screenshot of the new Battlefield 2042 scoreboard.
The scoreboard launching today

The devs first showed a work-in-progress version of the new scoreboard in January. They've have made some changes since then in response to feedback from players, which necessitated delaying its addition from February, and aren't quite done yet. They say, "this is the first version of the Scoreboard, and further improvements will be made to this in subsequent updates, based upon your continued feedback such as the Scoreboard being available during the End of Round screens."

The update should be live now on all platforms.

The patch notes also talked about a feature that's pretty important for an objective-oriented team game, the long-awaited addition of voice chat. That'll come with the next major update, which is "presently scheduled to arrive in early April."

The devs explain that future update "will include a larger set of changes and fixes, as well as the introduction of VOIP functionality for Squads, and the refreshed Scoreboard being available during End of Round. We're also targeting balance changes for weaponry on vehicles, including the MC5 Bolte, alongside an overhaul of Attachment behavior for infantry weapons across the board."

Our Ed's Battlefield 2042 review in November 2021 concluded, "Simply put: this is a game that doesn't seem ready yet." Still a way to go. In February, the devs announced they had delayed BF2042's first new content season to focus on fixes first. Season one is currently due to start in early summer.

In thanks/apology for the delay, they also said they'd hand out some cosmetic bits to players who own the Gold Edition, Ultimate Edition, or Year 1 Pass. That arrived today in the form of the Steadfast Exclusive Legendary Bundle, offering a skin for Mackay, skins for some guns and a car, a punchy trench knife, and a background and icon for your player card. It's available to EA Play Pro subscribers too.

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