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Best AK-24 loadout and class setup in Battlefield 2042

Discover the best AK-24 loadout in Battlefield 2042

Looking for the best AK-24 loadout in Battlefield 2042? The AK-24 is far more accurate than it was at launch. While it still suffers from drastic recoil, the bullet spread has been substantially lowered, making it easier to place shots and drop enemies. This makes the AK-24 one of the best guns in Battlefield 2042, but there's still room for improvement. This AK-24 loadout aims to make the AK-24 more controllable so that you can spend less time staring at the sky and more time staring down the barrel at your enemies.

Bullet spread was addressed in the first of three planned updates due in Battlefield 2042 before the holidays. While this update made improvements to many automatic weapons with its bullet spread changes, it also nerfed the PP-29 by increasing its recoil. We'll update this guide regularly to reflect any other changes made to the AK-24 in updates that are set to arrive in the coming weeks.

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Best AK-24 class in Battlefield 2042

We’ve created the best AK-24 loadout by using attachments that will control the recoil and make it much more accurate. This will let you make the most of the AK’s damage potential so that you can laser squads and kill enemies before they even react. Find our full AK-24 setup here, and then learn more about this loadout below.

  • Sight: UH-1 Smart 1.5X
  • Magazine: Standard Issue Extended Mag
  • Underbarrel: LWG Grip/BCG Light Grip
  • Barrel: Champion Muzzle Brake
AK-24 in the loadout menu in Battlefield 2042, with descriptive text on the left

Like most Assault Rifles in Battlefield 2042, the AK-24 is best at medium-range. To optimize your performance in medium-range encounters, we recommend using the UH-1 Smart 1.5X scope to help pick out targets. This is a vast improvement over the default iron sights, which are rather clunky and make it difficult to aim accurately. The dot in the UH-1 Smart scope is much cleaner by comparison.

The AK-24 is already powerful enough, so we haven’t gone for any of the high-power magazines on offer here. They add to the recoil, which is the AK’s biggest drawback. Instead, use the Standard Issue Magazine until you’ve got 240 kills with the AK, at which point you can equip the Extended Mag. This holds 40 rounds, which is a slight increase over the default mag.

We’ve got two options for the AK-24’s underbarrel: the LWG Grip and the BCG Light Grip. These both increase the AK’s accuracy, but at different times. The LWG grip improves accuracy while static, so use it when you’re trying to hold a position. When you’re ready to push up and move towards the enemy, switch to the BCG grip, which improves accuracy while moving. Make sure you change back to the LWG grip if you find cover again though, as the BCG grip makes you less accurate when standing still.

The Champion Muzzle Brake improves your vertical recoil control at all times, making it the perfect barrel for the AK-24. This helps to counter the sharp initial kick upwards that happens when you fire, making it easier to hit enemies with your first shot.

Secondary Weapon

The AK-24 is best for medium-range encounters, but its slow handling speed makes it less than ideal up close. For your secondary weapon, we recommend using the G57 pistol, which has single fire and burst-fire modes. This is much snappier, so you can use this to quickly finish enemies up close, before finding cover and switching back to your AK-24.

Recoilless M5 rocket launcher in Battlefield 2042 loadout menu.

Best AK-24 Gadget and Throwable

Since the AK-24 is best at medium-range, you should take equipment that you can use from a distance. For your gadget, use the Recoilless M5 rocket launcher. The Recoilless M5 can devastate enemy vehicles in a few hits, quickly disrupting the enemy team’s offensive strategy. Or, just fire it into a crowd to create pure chaos and make your enemies very, very angry. If you don’t quite manage to kill them all and shots are fired back in your direction, toss down a quick Smoke Grenade so that you can fade away into the mist.

Boris stood holding an SMG in the specialist selection menu. Text on the left describes his abilities.

Best AK-24 Character

The best specialist to use with the AK-24 is Boris. His unique Sentry Gun gadget is the perfect partner for holding positions and defending objectives from enemies. With the Sentry Operator ability, you can see a ring around all Sentry Guns, including your own. While you’re inside the ring, the Sentry Gun will spot enemies when it locks on, so that you can easily find approaching enemies and provide some extra firepower.

That’s everything you need to know to create the best AK-24 loadout in Battlefield 2042. If being a troop on the ground isn’t your style, take to the skies and learn how to fly jets and helicopters. Or, you can check out our list of the best loadouts if you want to try something different.

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