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Benefits From Friends: How To Get Arma 3 Lite

Bohemia Interactive
is doing smart things at the moment. The first smart thing they did was to give me access to Arma 3 before everyone else had it, which made me happy. That is a smart thing, because I am very important person, and my mum says I am handsome. The second smart thing they did was to release the Arma 3 Alpha to people who are not me, because it makes multiplayer games a lot more fun, and it means they can get to work with optimising their Greek pixels. The third smart thing was just launched: everyone who owns a copy of the Arma 3 Alpha has copies of the Lite edition to give away. Check your Steam Gifts, everyone. A heavily armed Santa Claus has been!

The Lite edition has some clipped wings, though. Here's what you have to give away.


What's missing? Multiplayer and modding. It makes sense to not give everything away, but when the alpha is only going to be live for a limited time, I thought it would make sense to let those welcomed in to have it all. Then, when the alpha ends, they'll want more and buy seventeen copies. I like the single-player and fiddling with the editor (just hopping in a chopper and flying around in an empty map is a joy), but the true experience is found in the community. Not that I wouldn't snap a copy of the Lite edition up if I didn't have access, but I'm just a wee bit surprised that Bohemia aren't showcasing the game to its fullest.

However, let's view it is a generous way to let people freely test the game out before they consider a purchase. Feel free to use the comments to set up swapsies, though the Arma forum might be a better place to offer and ask.

This is what you're missing out on.

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