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Best Cyber Monday gaming monitor deals 2022

Keeping track of the best UK/US sales on fine gaming displays

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Gaming monitors are great, but if we're being realistic, they can very easily become one of the priciest building blocks in your entire PC gaming setup. If you are currently screen shopping, then, your best course of action is probably to take advantage of the current Cyber Monday gaming monitor deals.

My curated picks are all below, and as always, I’m only recommending sufficiently good hardware that’s available on a meaningful discount. A couple of our best gaming monitor members are even in here, though it’s a broad church overall, with 1080p, 1440p, and 4K screens making the cut alongside the occasional ultrawide model. We’re looking for gaming credentials specifically, too, so heightened refresh rates and support for variable sync tech (like FreeSync and G-Sync) are important.

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You should also make sure to match your monitor choice to your PC's performance capabilities, such as by ensuring that you have enough graphics card muscle to handle a higher refresh rate or the more demanding pixel density of 1440p and 4K. Upcalers like AMD FSR, Intel XeSS and Nvidia DLSS can help on both counts.

That's about it for housekeeping. Read on for the full list, and feel free to peruse our main Cyber Monday PC deals hub for many more highlights of the day’s hardware offers.

The AOC Agon CU34G3S gaming monitor on a desk.

Cyber Monday gaming monitor deals

UK deals:

Dell G2722HS - £116 from Dell (was £239)

Here's one of the best budget monitors dramatically discounted if you use the code: BFUKG2722HS. This makes it much cheaper than many other 1080p monitors of the same ilk, while hitting a much higher 165Hz refresh rate too. A no-brainer, really.

AOC 27G2U - £170 from Amazon UK (was £200)

Another 1080p monitor that’s well priced despite a wide selection of features: An adjustable stand and 4-port USB hub cover comfort and connectivity, while the 144Hz refresh rate and dual FreeSync/G-Sync compatibility ensure it’s fully kitted for games.

NZXT Canvas 27Q - £272 from NZXT (was £389)

Be fast if you want to grab this 1440p/165Hz monitor - which, to be clear, performs great and looks swish - before it's sold out. There are only five units left, according to NZXT's site, so the 30% discount offer must be popular.

Electriq eiQ-32M4K144FS - £380 from Laptops Direct (was £615)

A 4K, 144Hz IPS monitor with FreeSync and G-Sync compatibility, all for under £400? It sounds too good to be true, but I own one of these myself, and its gaming performance is the real deal.

Asus ROG Strix XG27UQR - £590 from Ebuyer (was £666)

ROG monitors could usually do with a discount, bless ‘em, and this is pretty good deal on the 4K/144Hz ROG Strix XG27UQR. It’s a premium display through and through, with particularly fast response times by IPS standards.

LG 34GP950G-B - £700 from Ebuyer (was £1200)

Another fine ultrawide deal. Unlike a lot of curved gaming monitors, the 34GP950G-B uses a vibrant IPS panel instead of VA, and it's Logitech's excellent Nano IPS, no less. Expect strong colours and minimal response times.

US deals:

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