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Best Resident Evil Village mods

Sailor Chris is canon!

Capcom’s banger of a survival horror game Resident Evil Village feels like a classic already, but it was only released in May. The passage of time is truly a horror in and of itself. Because the game was rammed with iconic figures, a lot of the modding has resolved to create a more oddball version of the game. What’s fun about Resident Evil Village is how easy it is to mess up the game’s carefully curated aesthetic with a quick model edit. You can go from Lady Dimitrescu’s dominating anger to (scrolls and scrolls past nude mods) her with a Thomas the Tank Engine face. It’s no less scary, but it’s also a different type of scary. The ‘cartoon train’s face atop a 9ft tall aristocratic cannibal’ kind of scary.

Best Resident Evil Village mods

As a result, this mod guide for Resident Evil Village is largely filled with silly stuff. The game’s mechanics won’t fundamentally change with any of the mods below, but if you want to Chris Redfield with a sexy sailor (a canonically sound one), then here’s how to get that. Below, we've listed the best Resident Evil Village mods around right now, and you can either click the link to go straight to the mod in question, or carry on reading the whole thing. We'll also tell you how to actually go about modding Resident Evil Village in our step-by-step guide below.

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How to mod Resident Evil Village

Fluffy Manager is the main mod manager for Resident Evil Village. Download it and extract it anywhere. Make sure your gme install’s files are all unmodified (you can verify them on Steam to make doubly sure). Run the program and tell it you’re playing “Resident Evil Village”. It has a few functions, enabling you to directly download a mod, but this allows you to drag and drop /most/ mods into the program and it’ll do the rest for you. You can enable and disable mods from the UI.

REFramework by praydog

A quick and easy mod that does a lot of heavy lifting. REFramework has a GUI that lets you change the game’s FOV, disable the vignette, have more control over the flashlight, unlock a freecam with additional character controls and poses, and slow time.

This is one you need to install to the game’s folder. Extract "dinput8.dll" to the root folder of your game, and the menu will load up.

The REFramework mod in Resident Evil Village

Download REFramework

Enhanced Model Viewer by alphaZomega

A small tweak to the in-game character viewer that lets you pose and prod at the in-game modes, Enhanced Model Viewer removes almost all the camera limitations. That means you can get up close, swoosh around, and admire all the characters from the PoV of one of the sister’s pet flies.

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Download Enhanced Model Viewer

Lady Dimitrescu Black Dress by EzioMaverick

And what better model to view than Lady D. The statuesque villain wandering the mansion has inspired many looks. Before going too deeply into the terrifying psyche of modders, let’s appreciate the Lady Dimitrescu Black Dress mod. It’s a simple change of clothes from bright white to a gothier black dress. It hides any stains she might otherwise collect.

Lady Dimitrescu in a black dress mod in Resident Evil Village

Download Lady Dimitrescu Black Dress

Count Theodora by Crazy Potato

Count Theodora is the most famous face-swap of Village’s many, many, mannnnny plastic surgery mods. Lady D’s face taken from us, replaced with Thomas the Tank Engine’s mug. The locomotive visage is even animated. If you install this, you might as well not play the game. You’ve already lost.

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Download Count Theodora

Squid Game by Apzurv

By far the most relevant and timely mod here, Squid Game replaces the attractive and welcome face of Alcina Dimitrescu with a mask from the Netflix series Squid Game. Alas, there is no prize for surviving the game in this fashion.

Lady Dimitrescu walks through the castle in her Squid Game costume mod in Resident Evil Village

Download Squid Game

Fly Swatters by EvilLord

If this were a marketing meeting, we’d be congratulating the modder on the perfect moment of corporate and product synergy. Fly Swatters makes sense if you’ve played the game and know that swarms of flies are the harbingers of doom, arriving with and surrounding Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters. Now you have a more appropriate weapon to take them on. This replaces the knife.

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Download Fly Swatters

Fly Removal by Raq

Alternatively, if the flies are too gross, or if you just want to see Lady D’s daughters without squinting through a swarm of insects, Fly Removal zaps them from the game.

One of the Dimitrescu daughters minus her flies in Resident Evil Village

Download Fly Removal

Ethan's Hand Restored by Coriantum

That horrendous moment in the game, where Ethan’s hands are sliced and diced, can be undone with Ethan's Hand Restored. You spend a lot of time in-game staring at his mangled digits, so if it makes you uncomfortable, then this will help. This one’s for Katharine.

Ethan holds up both hands to the screen thanks to a new hand mod in Resident Evil Village

Download Ethan's Hand Restored

Spongebob Paintings And Photos by KushAstronaut

The mansion is a carefully curated crucible of terror, but you can make it worse with Spongebob Paintings And Photos. I never really bothered to stop and look at the paintings, largely because fleeing doesn’t give you much time for art appreciation. But this mod replaces all the artworks on the wall with Spongebob-themed art, and it’s jarring enough to make quite a difference.

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Download Spongebob Paintings and Photos

Ghostface by George

The Moroaică are the cast-off remains of Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters. They eventually rise again, and like everything in Resident Evil Village, they see you as a snack. They’re quite a tragic collection, really. It’s not their fault. If you want to avoid unnecessary emotions and feelings while killing them, you can replace them with Ghostface from the Scream movies. There’s nothing remotely conflicting about stabbing that jerk to death in a crypt.

Monsters in Resident Evil Village have been replaced with a Ghostface from Scream mod

Download Ghostface

RE2 Inventory Sounds by KushAstronaut

The long history of Resident Evil stretches all the way back to the original PlayStation. If you want to connect the newest game with its past, RE2 Inventory Sounds swaps out most of the game’s inventory sound with the sounds from 1998’s Resident Evil 2. The fact that I remember these sounds is the most terrifying thing about the mod.

Download RE2 Inventory Sounds

Sailor Chris by JTeghius Kittius

Hear me out. This mod isn’t as strange as you might think. At first glance, Sailor Chris is a silly, memey mod that makes Chris Redfield, the most recognisable character of the entire franchise, a sexy sailor. His burly frame wrapped in what looks like a child’s halloween costume. “Haha,” you say. “Look at that silly sod.” But this is an outfit that’s come from the man’s own closet. In 2012, Resident Evil: Revelations was released, and this was an unlockable outfit in that game. Say it loud: “Sailor Chris is canon!”

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Download Sailor Chris

Baby Over Chris Face by JTeghius Kittius

Baby Over Chris Face is a description that makes no sense, but then you see it and wish there was another explanation. It takes baby Rosemary, your in-game child, and places her face on Chris Redfield’s head. A SWAT toddler that crashes the beginning of the game and ruins your day.

Chris Redfield with a Rose face mod in Resident Evil Village

Download Baby over Chris Face

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