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Boyfriend Dungeon DLC trailer reveals surprise third new character

The Secret Weapons Update will be out this summer, bringing a whip with a PhD

Dungeon crawler-slash-dating sim Boyfriend Dungeon will receive a substantial free update this summer and will feature three new dateable characters — not two, as was previously announced. The surprise new addition, revealed at tonight's Future Of Play stream, will be the sinister Dr Holmes the Whip, the final boss of the brand new dungeon which is also being added in the Secret Weapons DLC.

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Dr Holmes has been designed by Ikumi Nakamura, Creative Director of Unseen Inc. and the former director on Ghostwire: Tokyo. They're being voiced by popular Twitch streamer Kathleen "Loserfruit" Belsten, who already has a cameo in Fortnite to her name.

Joining Dr Holmes in Boyfriend Dungeon's dateable line-up will be previously announced new characters Jonah the Axe (who already had a small cameo in the base game) and Leah the Hammer (who you'll only have met if you pay attention to your Steam trading cards). The theme of the new dunj hasn't been announced yet, but by the looks of things it's some sort of industrial laboratory, which would fit in with Dr Holmes's whole mad scientist vibe. Still, it's a bit incongruous with the average American city setting of the rest of the game. Maybe it's just an underground parking garage, who knows.

Here at RPS we declared Boyfriend Dungeon one of our favourite games of 2021. Behind the scenes I'll admit I was quite the driving force in the voting for that one, and now we learn that the former director of one of my favourite games so far in 2022 designed the hot final boss? Needless to say, I for one am thrilled.

Sadly there's no firm release date attached to Boyfriend Dungeon: Secret Weapons just yet, but Kitfox seem confident it'll be out sometime this summer. It's also the first time they've confirmed that this update will be free to all owners of the base game, so that's yet more good news for my fellow weapon dating enthusiasts.

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