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Brian Blessed charges into Kingdom Come: Deliverance

An essential component of history

I would say "Sound the Brian Blessed warning alarm!" but goodness me, the man is his own warning alarm. Surely you'll hear him long before you meet him in Kingdom Come: Deliverance [official site]. Yup, Brian Blessed (aka Blesso, the Blesser, Bless Up, the Blessinator, and BeeBee) has lent his voice and face to a character in the open-world medieval RPG. In a new dev video about the cast and motion-capture, Brible seems quite enthusiastic about how the real-world setting makes Deliverance educational.

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"Here was something new. You're doing something new. And it was history. It's based on history. And it's exciting. And educational. I think you've got something new and original," said Blessed. The actor has bellowed in a dozen-odd games over the past twenty years, including as a War of the Roses announcer and a spaceship.

BreBli is playing Lord Konrad Kyeser in Kingdom Come. Developers Warhorse Studios had said way back in 2014 when crowdfunding that Blessed was in their mind when writing one noble in particular. I guess this is him. Dreams can come true!

"The thing is, the script is brilliant," Bebo said. "It's well-written and it is written in English in rather a classical style, because of history. History always has a smattering of historical flow and energy."

He loves a bit of history, this lad:

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Knows a good motto when he feels it on hands too:

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance is due to launch some time this year. Here, check out what we thought when we saw a bit last year.

I think "because of history" will be my new go-to excuse.

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