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Bugsnax releases its weird, unsettling adventure into the wild on November 12

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I still barely know what Bugsnax is about. At surface level, it's apparently an island full of semi-sentient snack foods and the colorful Muppet-like folks who've arrived to research them. There's definitely more to it than that, and we'll all only have a bit longer to wait to figure out its secrets for ourselves. Bugsnax launches on November 12th, which they've announced via an uncanny video showcasing their voice cast.

There's nothing wrong with doing a nice video where you show your voice talent alongside their characters. It's just that they're bugsnax and grumpus (grumpuses?). Seeing these allegedly normal human beings in nice headshots beside their wacko talking characters is like watching someone crawl out of the mouth of a sports mascot and then the face of that person unzips and some other creature crawls out of them too.

Then you get to the humans voicing things like Banoppers and Cheepoofs and whatnot. Oh dear.

I'm sure this is fine. Everything's fine and their voice actors aren't Loony Tunes characters wearing humans as skin suits. Especially the one that says "I've been trying to breed Bugsnax together. It's been real tricky 'cause they don't got any obvious, um, bits? To them?" Someone keep a close eye on Gramble Gigglefunny, please.

Even if it's not fine, that'll certainly be fitting with Bugsnax's odd story. Ed got to give it a go earlier this month in his Bugsnax preview and it sounds like his hackles were up the whole time despite the cheery characters and friendly vibes. He was sent off to catch a wild Strawberry bug (Strabby) and wound up feeding it to the grumpus mayor named Filbo.

"I then plopped the Strabby straight down Filbo’s gullet, like I was feeding a penguin at a zoo," Ed says. "His right arm transformed into a strawberry stump. It didn’t alarm him. In fact, he merrily described how it was merely a normal side effect of eating them – but he spoke with a little too much relish. He played off a very problematic bodily reaction in a heartbeat. Like, hang about, your arm is now two strawberries that look like they’re grafted onto you, mate. Is that not an issue?! At this point I thought perhaps I hadn’t just fed Filbo to help him recover: I’d sated something deep inside of him. I could tell he hungered for more."

Bugsnax and all its secrets are coming out on November 12th over on the Epic Games Store.

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