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Bugsnax is kinda bug, kinda snack, and kinda out right now

It's snacktime.

Bugsnax - everyone's talkin' bout them, y'know? After giving us all earworms back at its not-E3 reveal, we're finally free to chow down on Young Horses' absurd menagerie of bugs wot happen to also be snacks. The bug-hunting, problem-solving expedition sets sail for the Epic Games Store today - just mind you don't spoil your appetite on Strabbies before dinner.

You'll find you're not alone on Snagtooth Island, mind. But even with the expedition in shambles and explorers scattered across the isle, you'll find that everyone just won't stop talking 'bout Bugsnax.

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Coming from the developers of cephalopodic espionage romp Octodad: Dadliest Catch, Bugsnax somehow manages to pitch an even more absurd premise. Out on the open oceans, there's an island populated by sentient burgers, cinnamon rolls and other assorted junk food. They're damn tasty, but Grumpuses who chow down on them will find parts of their body transformed into food, suddenly sprouting a strawberry nose or hot dog leg.

But how does Bugsnax play? Is it more than just a daft name with a catchy Kero Kero Bonito jingle? Our Steve Hogarty sailed off to Snagtooth island for his Bugsnax review, unpacking a rib-tickling (and often surprisingly thoughtful) wrapper to find a decent enough monster-trapping sandbox.

"For the five or six hours it takes to reach the game’s ending, Bugsnax is a delightful and intriguing world to inhabit, just one whose robotic wildlife won’t inspire you to jump back in and finish off your collection. Bugsnax is a faintly naughty, but never crass adventure that feels simultaneously like a love letter to, and a sharply observed satire of, the games that inspired it."

Bugsnax is out now on the Epic Games Store for £18/€20/$25

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