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Bugsnax launches expansion and hits Steam this month

It'll hit Game Pass at the same time

April 28th is the big day for Bugsnax, developers Young Horses announced today. That's when it will: 1) add a whopping great new campaign in a free update; 2) end its Epic Games Store exclusivity and hit Steam; 3) arrive on Game Pass; 4) launch on Xbox and Switch. The new campaign, named The Isle Of Bigsnax, will introduce new creatures made of snacks for you to find and capture, and you can meet a few in the new trailer below.

Cover image for YouTube videoBugsnax & The Isle of Bigsnax - 101 Trailer

Supposedly the new campaign will take 3 to 4 hours, which is generous for a free update.

Bugsnax launched in November 2020 as an Epic Games Store exclusive on PC (and on PlayStation). Come April 28th, it'll launch on Steam and the Microsoft Store, including Game Pass. And it'll be on Xbox and Switch too.

It might have seemed a novelty at first, with that damn song, but Bugsnax mixing feel-good vibes with elements of Ape Escape and Pokémon Snap won over our reviewer.

"For the five or six hours it takes to reach the game's ending, Bugsnax is a delightful and intriguing world to inhabit, just one whose robotic wildlife won't inspire you to jump back in and finish off your collection," Steve Hogarty said in our Bugsnax review. "Bugsnax is a faintly naughty, but never crass adventure that feels simultaneously like a love letter to, and a sharply observed satire of, the games that inspired it."

Melissa King talked with some of Young Horses Bugsnax's queer representation too.

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