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Bugsnax is a game from the Octodad devs about edible snack-food creatures

You are what you eat

In my eyes, Bugsnax is possibly the strangest game to come out of PlayStation's big announce-a-thon live stream last night. Made by Octodad creators, Young Horses, it's a story-driven adventure game about an island (appropriately named Snaktooth) where all the creatures are half-bug, half-snack, and if you eat them your limbs will start to turn into various foods. It looks as weird as it sounds and I still don't know what to think of the trailer, check it out for yourself below:

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That walrus is named Elizabert Megafig, and she's the one that's invited you to this bizarre island to investigate the peculiar Bugsnax. Not everything is as it seems, however, because when you arrive, it turns out Megafig is missing, and even stranger things (than living strawberries than crawl around) appear to be afoot.

One of your main tasks is to discover and capture all 100 species of Bugsnax, as well as explore the island to find out what happened to its inhabitants. Judging from the trailer, I'm convinced they've all just eaten each other. Would that be too dark? Jokes on us when it turns out to be a surprise survival horror or something.

Bugsnax is coming out holiday season this year on the Epic Games Store, though we'll have to wait a bit longer before we know the price and exact release date.

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