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Call Of Duty: Vanguard schedules multiplayer reveal and open beta

Cross-platform open beta kicks off September 18

Call Of Duty: Vanguard is getting ready for its trip back to alt-history WW2 with a quick look into this year's future. Activision have scheduled an "alpha" for PlayStation players this weekend, followed by an open beta on all platforms next month, in as much as those terms mean anything when they're scheduled so close together. In any case, they'll be properly revealing Vanguard's multiplayer modes on September 7th followed by two weekends of multiplayer beta testing prior to launch in November.

Activision are kicking things off with a multiplayer reveal scheduled for September 7th. They've already given some details about Vanguard's multiplayer, saying it will "feature a massive day one multiplayer offering, with 20 maps available at launch including 16 built for core gameplay." They've also mentioned a more advanced Gunsmith and Caliber system along with the "next generation" of the 2v2 Gunfight mode from Modern Warfare. The multiplayer reveal event will likely give folks a proper look at all of that.

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After the reveal will be two different weekends of open beta. The first, on September 10-13th, will be for PlayStation folks only, alas. Crossplay starts the next weekend, with pre-orderers on PC getting in on the 16th and all platforms getting to jump in from September 18-20th.

PlayStation players are also getting an "alpha" run at the Champion Hill 2v2 modes this weekend. Champion Hill is a round robin style tournament where you'll attempt to reduce another team's life count to zero, starting out with the same loadouts and buying upgrades between tourny rounds. Activision don't explicitly say whether that's also what folks will be taking on during the beta weekends in September, but I'm sure we'll find out during that reveal on the 7th.

Activision break down the rest of the details in their alpha announcemenet, including more on Champion Hill and this weekend's alpha.

Call Of Duty: Vanguard launches on November 5th.

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