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Call Of Duty: Warzone trios are back for Battle Royale while Plunder swaps to duos

Scopes and scatter are out

Is it just me or does keeping up with Call Of Duty: Warzone playlists feel like a "who's on first" skit? First trios were gone, then back but only as a shotty and snipes mode. They added quads, duos, solos—wait didn't the whole thing launch with trio squads? Infinity Ward have announced another change to the Warzone playlist and I think I've got straight what's actually in the game right now. Maybe. Battle Royale mode is back to trio squads and Plunder mode is now duos. Whew.

Just three days ago, Infinity Ward announced that a "scopes and scatter guns" mode for teams of three would replace the regular trios Battle Royale playlist. Apparently folks weren't into the idea, because the developers quickly heel-turned on that yesterday. Now shotguns and snipers are getting in the bin. Regular trios are back.

Warzone's other mode, Plunder, has also gotten a playlist change. In the cash-grabbing version, Infinity Ward has cut teams down from quads to duos.

In addition to the constant playlist shakeups, Warzone players will earn double XP this weekend until Monday.

If you've not kept up with all the latest changes to Warzone, you'll probably want to know that they booted armored trucks out of solos mode to cut back on the vehicle meta. Infinity Ward have also been consistently banning cheaters.

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