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Call Of Duty: Warzone's zombie invasion is underwhelming

I'm not angry, just disappointed

At the start of Call Of Duty: Warzone Season Two, a big tanker filled with zombies clattered into the side of Verdansk. And there I was, excited to see how they'd spread across the map and cause unimaginable chaos. With the latest update, they have simply abandoned the Shipwreck and shuffled into the Prison. Oh, how...dull.

Season Two of Warzone kicked off with this exciting zombie invasion. A new location called Shipwreck popped up, and it swarmed with undead. At your own risk, you could drop in and activate a special event, whereby you'd fend off 40 zombies and earn some sweet loot.

Pretty cool stuff, but I hoped that over the course of the season, more and more locations would succumb to the undead. That they'd slowly shamble their way across the map and fill multiple spots at once. Then it would be very cool stuff. But no, these zombies are more akin to hermit crabs than a deadly plague. They have simply tossed Shipwreck aside and populated Prison instead.

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And the zombie activity remains exactly the same. Proper boring stuff, this. Traditionally, I thought zombies were meant to infect others and spread? Nah, not this lot, from what I gather, we're just making their house-viewings a tad trickier.

There's a blog post which says that this is only 5% of the contagion, and if this routine remains unchanged as I am forced to watch this number painfully tick upwards, then I'm already over it.

In other semi-dire news, there may be a hack or a bug going around which ends Warzone matches instantly. In the clips below, both games end early, followed by a "Final Kill" highlight that's usually reserved for multiplayer game modes, not Warzone.

A lot of people are jumping to conclusions, and saying that it's a hack. I mean, sure, but there's also a strong chance it's just a nasty bug, especially with plenty of Dev Error crashes going around.

I promise this isn't me crashing your games because I am furious about the lack of zombies in Warzone. Of course, we'll discuss all these goings on in the next episode of the Warzone Audio Bang podcast, so stay tuned for that.

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