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CD Projekt Giving More Free Stuff to Witcher 2 Owners

I think I'm going to buy CD Projekt a cookie basket. Yes, that's what I'm going to do. What other language, after all, can express misty eyed gratitude in a more nuanced way? One cookie, I think, will be a witch, and another will be an emergency room. Spelling out "Enhanced Edition" in sight gags will be slightly more difficult, but I'm up to the challenge. So, why all the affectionate confections? Because CDP took the stage during a streaming conference to announce - among other things - an extra DRM-free copy of Witcher 2 for all previous owners regardless of which platform they originally nabbed it on and pre-load details for the Enhanced Edition. More info can be found in this post's briny depths.

When the day foretold in The Prophecy (which also happens to be my birthday - hooray!) arrives, you'll be able to drive a silver blade through DRM's heart and claim your free "digital backup copy" of Witcher 2 here. In the meantime, pre-loads for 95 percent of Enhanced Edition's lumbering 10 GB download kick off on April 11.

In other definitely-not-teenage mutant monster slayer news, there's apparently going to be an interactive iOS comic that will allow players/readers to "swipe their fingers across and have Geraldt slash a foe with his sword, or pull down a woman’s blouse." Right then. That's a thing. I suppose CD Projekt - much like, somewhat coincidentally, war - never changes.

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