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Cities: Skylines gets train stations and bridges DLC, and is free for the weekend

And discounted by 80% if you want to keep it

Yesterday brought the announcement of Victoria 3, the first DLC for Empire Of Sin, and Royal Court DLC for Crusader Kings 3.

Yet here I am, having my head turned by two tiny packs for Cities Skylines. One adds a bunch of train stations, the other adds some piers and bridges. Gimme.

Here's a trailer for the lustworthy Train Stations pack:

Cover image for YouTube videoTrain Stations by BadPeanut | Content Creator Pack | Cities: Skylines

And here's footage of Bridges & Piers to leave you breathless:

Cover image for YouTube videoBridges & Piers by Armesto | Content Creator Pack | Cities: Skylines

These are content creator packs, which means the items inside were created by modders from the community. The bridges are by Andrés “Armesto” Cortiña and the trains are by BadPeanut, and both have dozens of other creations available from the Steam Workshop.

Both packs cost £4/€5/$5. Some will see that as a lot of money for a couple of dozen models, but it's also the kind of practical problem-solving DLC parts of the communities love.

While there were larger announcements for other games at PDXCON, Paradox and Cities: Skylines developer Colossal Order did confirm they were working together on a project. "It is still too early in development to share more information at this time," they say.

If you're yet to play Cities: Skylines at all, now is a good time to get involved. It's free to play for the next two days via Steam, and 80% off at £4.59/€5.59 if you decide you want to keep it.

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