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Making Things To Build - Cities: Skylines Mod Trailer

Mod a mod mod mod

I suppose we do post about Cities: Skylines [official site] a fair bit, but that's partly because it's a big chunk of (current) future hopes for a whole genre. Me, I'm well catered-for as I mostly play games in thriving genres like 'shooting men's faces' and 'dreamy wandering around surreal landscapes'. But with Cities XXL a wash, a minor update spun off into a so-called sequel, what else is coming soon for people who dream of building grand cities? So here, have a trailer going over Skylines' mod support, which'll let you make things to build.

Cities: Skylines has ye olde level editor, of course, letting folks sculpt landscapes and sprinkle trees and pour rivers and whatnot. It also has tools to create new buildings, importing models and setting how they work and whatnot. And it's got an API to code new bits. Steam Workshop support will let to share creations too. Have a peek at the modding section of its wiki if you want to see technical bits, or simply see pretty moving mod pictures in this here trailer:

Cover image for YouTube video

Here, read what Adam made of Skylines when he played a bit recently. It's being made by Colossal Order, the Finnish studio who started with Cities in Motion, a city-planning sim about threading public transport solutions through existing cities. Paradox are publishing it.

As we approach the release of Skylines on March 10th, and presumably near the end of these videos, I do wonder: what are CEO Mariina Hallikainen and lead game designer Karoliina Korppoo up to? They're always on the move in these videos, writing secret notes, laughing at secret jokes, and looking pensive about secret concerns. I want to join their gang.

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