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Civilization 6's next update lets you hide and randomise tech trees

Research? It's more of a hunch

When one turn blends into the next and you've become a strategy zombie—no not the Red Death zombie mode—it's time to shake up your game. Firaxis Games are bringing another free update to Civilization VI that will help you put some surprise back in your 4x. A new Tech and Civics Shuffle Mode and other changes are coming at the end of August.

In a new video, Firaxis go over some of the highlights coming in the free update at the end of this month. One biggie is the Natural Wonder Picker which will let you customise which wonders are able to appear during your match. They're still randomised, but you can control the set available if there are a few elusive options you've just never come across while playing with the full set.

Another big add is the option to hide and randomise tech trees. Lead designer Anton Strenger explains that the new option is based on an old "blind research" mode from 4x games of yore. "This made it easier because you didn't have to plan ahead as much. But also, you couldn't plan ahead as much," Strenger explains.

Tech and Civics Shuffle Mode hides the position of each piece of tech on the tree and also randomises the prerequisites and costs. The tree will also be the same for every player in the game. It definitely sounds like a way to shake up a strategic rut by forcing you to adapt to weird situations.

Firaxis say that the full patch notes with all the changes and tweaks will be published when the update launches later this month.

This update is free for all Civ 6 players even those who haven't bought in to the recent DLC-packed Frontier Pass. The update will arrive on Thursday, August 27th.

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