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Civilization VI Launch Trailer (It Is Kind Of Car Adverty)

Baba Yetu, mate

I'll admit that my first thought upon seeing that there was a Civilization VI [official site] launch trailer was to get that Brentalfloss version of Baba Yetu which adds parody lyrics stuck in my head so I watched that first. Civ VI's actual trailer is far more SRSBSNS. It's all about cinematics showing the key achievements you can use as markers of progress in the game and dramatisations of some of the conflict:

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It's a weird one. The whole emphasis on progress and then the final voiceover which philosophises while a rocket blasts into space puts this more into "IS THIS A CAR ADVERT?" territory for me.

It is the nature of humankind to push itself towards the horizon. We test our limits. We face our fears. We rise to the challenge and become something greater than ourselves: a civilization.

I'm trying to work out if it feels Civ-ish or not. I mean, it covers the general evolution of tech and so on, but I think for me it relates to my Civ experiences to date in the same way that dramatic car adverts on empty stretches of road with no apparent speed limits relates to my experience of sitting in a traffic jam somewhere in the Reading one-way system in my knackered Citroen AX.

Anyhoodle! The whole shebang releases on 21 October but is pre-loading at the moment*. If you're wondering whether Civ VI is any good, Adam's gone and done one of those preview thingumajigs as well as a whole diary feature - here are parts one and two.

*Obviously that supposes pre-ordering and you KNOW our feelings about that but if you did maybe the preloading info will be useful to you.

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