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Company Of Heroes 2 is free if you grab it now

Happy birthday!

To celebrate Company Of Heroes 2's fifth birthday (its fifth birthday... six months ago?), Sega are giving Relic's World War 2 real-time strategy sequel away for free on Steam. Grab it by Monday and it's yours for keepsies. They did the same with its fourth birthday last year but it's still nice for people who didn't know CoH last year, or didn't know it well enough to be invited to its birthday party, leaving them in an awkward position when their pals start talking about antics from the party then go quiet when they remember you weren't invited. "It's fine," you said, "I don't know them that well." This year you do, my friend. This year you do. Get in.

Swing on over to Steam, click that "Install Game" button, and you'll be taken to a page saying it's now registered to your account. You don't even need to install right then, as long as it says you've got it. You have until 6pm (10am Pacific) on Monday to nab this.

It's a nice little freebie. Our former Adam (RPS in peace) said in his Company Of Heroes 2 singleplayer review:

"I suspect some will be dismayed by how similar the game is to the original and it's fair to say that it doesn't feel as fresh or vital. Company of Heroes hasn't been reduced by the passage of time though, continuing to stand out in its wartorn corner of the strategy square dance. The new engine is spectacular but the visual splendour does threaten to overwhelm the meat of the game, particularly in the campaign’s more explosive moments. Scrape all of the snow and smoke away, however, and something would be lost because the technology does add to the decision-making in more subtle ways than might be imagined. Company of Heroes 2 is a deceptively noisy and violent game that is actually designed for those with slow hands, quick wits and flexible thought processes."

It has multiplayer too, of course.

The game's expansions and DLC (minus charity fundraiser packs) have individual 75% discounts on Steam right now as well, or it's £5.40 for the lot (minus etc), if you like what you play and want more.

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