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Go go go: Company of Heroes 2 is free today

Free war

A whistle blows. Cracking rifles in the distance. The gentle thump of boots on snow. It all wakes you from a dream about granny’s marmalade. Oh no, you think, I’m still in the war. Squads of men are assembling for an inspiring speech. “Go and kill the other men using these bullets,” says the major, to the 80-150 assembled troops. A cheer rises up. This is it. The fear, the excitement, the courage of men with knives stuck to the end of their guns. Maybe, if you are brave enough, you can be part of this company…. of heroes… too.

Company of Heroes 2 is free today on the Humble store.

Adam liked the sequel to one of our favourite strategy games of all time, even if it didn’t improve on its predecessor all that much. Here’s what he said about the frosty tactical man-orderer:

The new engine is spectacular but the visual splendour does threaten to overwhelm the meat of the game, particularly in the campaign’s more explosive moments. Scrape all of the snow and smoke away, however, and something would be lost because the technology does add to the decision-making in more subtle ways than might be imagined. Company of Heroes 2 is a deceptively noisy and violent game that is actually designed for those with slow hands, quick wits and flexible thought processes.

It really does have a rubbish menu screen though.

Even if it’s not as beezer as the first, free is free is free is free. The series is also good way to get into strategy games.

The offer ends tomorrow at 6pm GMT/10am PST. You can grab it here. although you’ll have to sign up for a Humble account to get it, if you haven’t already.

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