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Crusader Kings 3 is getting a huge fantasy mod inspired by Dragon Age and The Witcher

Inspired by Dragon Age, The Witcher and Forgotten Realms

One of the main reasons I'm not super into games like Crusader Kings 3 is that they're based on proper history. I know, I know, how uncultured of me. What can I say? Magic and dragons in medieval settings just fire me up a bit more. That excuse won't fly much longer, though, because some CK3 fans are making a mod inspired by the likes of Dragon Age, The Witcher, and Forgotten Realms.

The setting is called Anbennar, and it's already become a popular Europa Universalis IV mod.

Anbennar is a "massive collaborative worldbuilding project" that modder "Jay10101" started working on six years ago, leading to the Europa Universalis mod first released in 2018. "In EU4, we explored what happens to a fantasy world in an age of gunpowder and reformation," they explain. "In CK3, we will deal with fantasy at its peak: an age of knights and magic, with all with the undertones of political and dynastic intrigues that we all know and love".

Players will be able to "cultivate their own magical bloodlines through congenital magical aptitude traits", play as fantasy races like elves, halflings and gnolls, and even "wield magic with a system inspired by classical D&D schools of magic".

In Anbennar, you'll meet characters like Ioriel Redrose (left), "the most beautiful elf in Cannor", and Bolgrun Redstone (right), king of the ruby dwarves.

The forum post details some Anbennar's history. Unlike in Dragon Age and The Witcher, elves are the newbies to this land. They're also the race with the strongest magical capabilities, so you'll need to pay close attention to who your nobles are breeding with to end up with the best magical bloodlines.

"After all," Jay10101 says, "what is Crusader Kings if not an amazing eugenics simulator?"

It's worth noting that Anbennar is currently on the lookout for more collaborators. So, if you'd like to stay up to date with its progress or offer a helping hand, keep an eye on the Subreddit and Discord server.

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