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Crusader Kings 3 now lets you create your own character

Who will you play as first - yourself, or Shrek?

What's the point of conquering medieval Europe if you can't do it as yourself, your mate, a minor television celebrity e.g. Noel Edmonds, or Shrek? Thankfully, Crusader Kings 3 today adds a 'Ruler Designer' in a free update, giving plenty of options to customise your starting character's appearance, personality, skills, and such. It has some pretty in-depth and gruesome customisation options so I look forward to seeing truly hideous lords and ladies. I'm already dreading the inevitable Minions.

Paradox called in CK YouTuber and modder "Roll1D2" to demonstrate the Ruler Designer:

So! You still pick your starting position, same as ever, but then have the option to create your own starting ruler. You can design the look, for starters, with loads of sliders and styles to create a pretty wide range of folks. And yes, you can make frightful folks if you want - I'd say it falls somewhere between Skyrim and Dark Souls on the Potential Hideousness Scale? Then you can customise aspects of their life and personality from sexuality and age to skills and traits, as well as giving them a family.

You can stack your ruler with skills if you want, getting your dynasty off to a roaring start, though achievements are disabled if you go over a certain number of points. These can be counterbalanced somewhat with negative traits that deduct points, like being ancient, inbred, poorly, or just plain boring. That sort of restriction can often create interesting faceted characters, which pays off in an emergent world like CK3. But yeah, you can just go wild if you don't care about cheevos.

The Ruler Designer arrives today with Update 1.2. See the patch notes for everything new, including a number of tweaks that should make the AI less foolish, and an assortment of fun notes like:

- The Cucumber King is no longer unintentionally a kinslayer, due to a wrongly assigned father.
- Ugly characters now look more ugly, to a reasonable extent, by distorting specific facial features more than before
- Intelligent women no longer confront their pregnant lesbian lover to ask if they are the father of that child. Stupid women however, still have a chance to ask that question.
- Physicians can now treat themselves, and they're also more likely to "mess up" your treatment if they're trying to murder you
- You can no longer mistake your infant child for a serial killer
- You cannot confide in friends you do not have
- You will no longer call people "vile" as a friendly greeting
- You will no longer think of your angry spouse as your vassal
- Your spymaster will no longer fabricate a secret about themselves

Thanks again, Crusader Kings.

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