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Cyberpunk delayed, Left 4 Dead 3 a no-no, and more PC game news this week

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This week, both Cyberpunk 2077 and Marvel's Avengers received delays, Valve dismissed rumours of Left 4 Dead 3, and an NHS big cheese backed calls to regulate loot boxes. Read on for more of the week's PC gaming goings-on in our News Digest, and do also check out the Weekly Updates Update for some of the week's big patches.

Cyberpunk 2077 delayed into September

The new RPG from the makers of The Witcher was due on April 16th, now it's expected September 17th. They admit that even with the delay that staff will be working crunch. The delay also pushes back multiplayer, which has always been due after launch, until probably 2022 at earliest.

Marvel's Avengers is delayed

Previously due in May, it's now expected in September. Square Enix also delayed the PS4 debut of Final Fantasy VII Remake, which likely also delays the almost-inevitable PC release once its exclusivity period ends.

National Health Service big cheese backs loot box regulation

"Frankly no company should be setting kids up for addiction by teaching them to gamble on the content of these loot boxes," NHS England mental health director Claire Murdoch said. "No firm should sell to children loot box games with this element of chance, so yes those sales should end."

No, Valve aren't working on Left 4 Dead 3

Responding to fresh rumours, Valve say nawww.

Loads of folks are continuing fundraising for Australian bushfire relief

Games and companies fundraising and donating include Modern Warfare, Ubisoft,
a huge Humble Bundle, Destiny 2, and Warframe. Plenty others have been doing it too.

Rumour has it Horizon: Zero Dawn is coming to PC

That's the PlayStation 4 exclusive about hunting robot dinosaurs. We have a few more PlayStation exclusives we'd like to see on PC.

Riot Games opened a board games decision

Their 2016 boardgame Mechs vs. Minions was meant to be a one-off but now the LoL devs have decided they wanna make more, opening a whole division. The first game from Riot Tabletop will be a new bluff 'em up, named Tellstones: King's Gambit.

Star Citizen devs want Crytek's lawsuit shut down for good

They've been legally bickering over CryEngine licenses for years.

Epic Games Store will continue weekly giveaways all year

Epic pay devs to give away their games, buying interest and users for their store. Hey, I get free games and devs get paid so I'll keep grabbing these.

Ubisoft are getting into auto-battling with Might & Magic: Chess Royale

Y'know, games like Teamfight Tactics and Dota Auto Chess. Though our Matt thinks the genre is already waning.

Nier soundtracks are now streaming on Spotify and Apple

I have listened weepily to Weight of the World too many times this week.

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