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Dawn Of The Walking Dead Trailer

I have significant unease about 1) the Walking Dead TV show b) the Walking Dead comics and c) many of Telltale's episodic adventure games, which makes me spectacularly ill-qualified to be posting about Telltale's Walking Dead game. All that said, I do really like the art approach they've chosen for it. It's a new adaptation of Robert Kirkman's impressively dark but unevenly-flowing, occasionally exploitative comics rather than being based on the recent, glacially-paced (or at least it was at the point I stopped watching it) TV show, so Telltale have elected to depict it in a striking comics-come-to-life style.

I can't tell how it actually plays though - will it be puzzles, outright action or the deeply awkward, QTE-centric hybrid from Jurassic Park? 'Agonising moral choices' are mentioned and there is violence in the trailer, so it's not going to be soft-focus zombosity at least. It will be split into five episodes and stars an entirely new cast in an entirely new story instead of Rick Grimes and his doomy chums, though no doubt we'll see an analogue or six in there.

Skip to 9 minutes into this exhaustingly manic IGN online TV show to jump straight to the trailer, followed by an exhaustingly manic interview with the guy who's pulling the narrative strings.

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Again, I have no particular love for the comic, but if Telltale can pair that look with some suspenseful, survivaltastic gameosity, I'm in.

Here, rather less officially, is what is claimed to be 13 minutes' of leaked footage from the game proper. It does appear to be the real thing, though we can't work out where it came from. My guess is that it came from a land down under, where women glow and men plunder.

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Appears to be quite point'n'clicky, cutsceney and, oh yes, quick-time eventy. Very well presented and appropriately vicious, plus has a touch of the Mass Effects in the dialogue, but I am getting flashbacks to the Jurassic Park game. This is just the start of the game, though - let's hope it complexifies up later down the line.

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