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Deathtrap-builder Besiege rattles out of early access next week

A craftsman's finish

Towns, towers, castles and citadels. Physics-nonsense siege 'em up Besiege has taken down all sorts, but now it's time to break the toughest wall of all - early access itself. After five years of building up its bloody machinations, developers Spiderling Studios are ready to smash their war machine into full release on Tuesday the 18th, packing some nifty new automated components and an entire desert island into the back of the wagon to boot.

It's been a while though, huh? Marsh Davies might've been more premature than he thought, penning his Premature Evaluation of Besiege five whole years ago. But even a half-decade ago he found it "confident and competent", an elegant package that smashed its sole mechanic right out of the park. In the time since, Spiderling fleshed out their physics toy with multiplayer support and a fancy level editor.

1.0 will wrap up Besiege's story campaign with one last island, Krolmar. An "ancient & mysterious desert island", Krolmar is a lovely collection of sand-dunes, palm trees and magical ruins. Or, well, they'll be ruins once a finely-engineered disaster machine has had its way with the island's fortresses.

Leaving early access also opens up access to a collection of lovely new blocks to play with. 4 new Logic/Automation blocks have been introduced to add more complexity to builds by including a proximity sensor, a timer, a logic gate and an altimeter. There'll also be the usual slew of bug fixes and smaller updates. Expect a full changelist closer to release.

After that? Spiderling intend to keep prodding Besiege with improvements and "experimental" new features. Bear in mind that Besiege will see a price hike after 1.0 hits next tuesday. Until then, you can snag it on Steam for £7/€8/$10.

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