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All Diablo 4 Stronghold locations

Track down and conquer every Stronghold in Diablo 4 with this guide

Diablo 4 Wandering Death, Death Given Life in action during a boss battle.
Image credit: Blizzard

Looking to find every Stronghold location in Diablo 4? It should come as no surprise to anyone that the world of Sanctuary in Diablo 4 is absolutely heaving with dungeons, cellars, and other hellish dwellings filled with monsters ready to splatter into a thousand lumps of loot when you click on them. Some of the largest and most dangerous areas are the Strongholds - each one the size of a town, and headed by a unique named boss (or sometimes several!).

There are 15 Strongholds in total in Diablo 4, which is now out on Xbox Game Pass, and if you're looking to conquer each one and return it to a slightly more habitable state, then you'll find what you need in this guide. Below we'll show you where to find all the Diablo 4 Stronghold locations, and give you an idea of what you should expect to find inside each one.

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What is a Stronghold?

Strongholds in Diablo 4 are specific mini-regions of the map which are infested with a large number of enemies, as well as one or more unique bosses. They're designed to be more challenging than your average Diablo 4 dungeon, with most Strongholds containing enemies that are permanently 2-3 levels above your current character's level.

There are 15 Strongholds in Diablo 4, and each one is roughly the same size. As well as being a great place to earn lots of XP and Renown, once you defeat the boss(es) at the end of a Stronghold, you will cleanse it of enemies and open it up as a brand new safe zone. Once the Stronghold becomes a safe zone, it will become home to various NPCs and merchants, as well as sometimes a new Waypoint. It can also potentially unlock new side quests once the townsfolk return. So if you're looking to see everything Diablo 4 has to offer, sooner or later you need to start taking on Strongholds.

All Diablo 4 Stronghold locations

To quickly find the location of all 15 Strongholds in Diablo 4, take a look at our Diablo 4 interactive map just below and follow the orange map markers.

Expand map

For a more static map, check the image below where we've also numbered every Stronghold and given you some more information about each one in the list further down the page.

A map of Diablo 4 with the locations of all 15 Strongholds marked and numbered.
Here are all the Stronghold locations in Diablo 4. | Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun / Blizzard Entertainment

Below are all the Strongholds in Diablo 4, along with some details on what you'll find inside each one.

  1. Nostrava (Fractured Peaks)
  2. Malnok (Fractured Peaks)
  3. Kor Dragan (Fractured Peaks)
  4. Moordaine Lodge (Scosglen)
  5. Túr Dúlra (Scosglen)
  6. Hope's Light (Scosglen)
  7. The Onyx Watchtower (Dry Steppes)
  8. Temple Of Rot (Dry Steppes)
  9. Ruins Of Qara-Yisu (Dry Steppes)
  10. Altar Of Ruin (Kehjistan)
  11. Alcarnus (Kehjistan)
  12. Omath's Redoubt (Kehjistan)
  13. Crusader's Monument (Hawezar)
  14. Eriman's Pyre (Hawezar)
  15. Vyeresz (Hawezar)


Nostrava is located on the western edge of Fractured Peaks, and is likely the first Stronghold that many players will encounter. To conquer it, interact with the Priestess, Negala, in the chapel, and then kill all the crazed villagers inside. After that you need to seek out and destroy the 5 Demonic Effigies scattered about the Stronghold while surviving attacks from Succubi, Oppressors, and named Elites. Finally you must return to the chapel and defeat Negala herself, along with her demonic allies, Torvala and Korzira.


The icy Malnok can be found a small distance east of Kyovashad in Fractured Peaks. Filled with Satyr-esque Goat Clan enemies, Malnok is a fairly dangerous early Stronghold to take on because you can very easily lose control of the situation and become overwhelmed if you're not prepared. Slay all the Stormcallers in the area to end the unnatural blizzard, and then once the remaining Ice Clan enemies are dispatched, head to the centre of the Stronghold to fight Frosthorn, the boss of Malnok.

Kor Dragan

Kor Dragan is a derelict fortress located on the border between Fractured Peaks and Scosglen to the north. The Stronghold is absolutely crawling with Ghouls, Knights, and Blood Magi; but you must delve deep into the fortress and, much like the Demonic Effigies in Nostrava, destroy the various Vampiric Corruptions dotted about the area. Once you've done this and slaughtered the remaining Knights, destroy the giant Demonic Aberration blocking the entrance to the final room, and defeat Nilcar, Forgotten Bishop and boss of Kor Dragan.

Moordaine Lodge

Moordaine Lodge is secreted in the northeast corner of Scosglen, so you're unlikely to come into contact with it immediately. This Stronghold is unusually filled with creatures such as Bloodhawks and Thorn Beasts, rather than humanoid enemies. Your aim is to find the Lodge's missing Hunters (all sadly corpses), before engaging in a fierce multi-stage fight with the Stronghold's boss, the Beast Of Moordaine.

Túr Dúlra

The ruins of Túr Dúlra can be found on the west coast of Scosglen. Head into this seemingly abandoned Stronghold and speak to the Druid Spirits to begin the Stronghold's main quest to defeat the three Tormented Druids (Earth, Wind, and Poison) and free their spirits. Finally, return to the flaming Oak tree where you first saw the spirits, and defeat Baelgemoth, Infernal Tormentor to liberate this Stronghold.

Hope's Light

Hope's light is situated around a lighthouse at the very northmost point of Scosglen and Sanctuary itself. Navigate the archipelago filled with drowned undead, and find a way up into the lighthouse by activating winches on the ships either side of the lighthouse - all while fending off waves of nasty enemies. Once you're reached the lighthouse itself, you'll come into battle with Tidewitch Ne'gana, the boss of Hope's Light.

The Onyx Watchtower

The Onyx Watchtower is a Stronghold found near the centre of the Dry Steppes region to the west of Fractured Peaks. The watchtower is filled with bandits who you must defeat by destroying their buildings and killing their lieutenants. There's lots to be done here, but it's all marked on the map in-game so just keep following the markers. After that, find Captain Ezmin and kill her and her followers to conquer the Stronghold itself.

Temple Of Rot

The delightfully named Temple Of Rot is located in Dry Steppes, just to the east of the Fields Of Hatred. In this Stronghold you must begin by slaying the 4 Cannibal Champions and releasing the prisoners nearby. Once the Champions are dispatched, it's time to head into the arena to the north of the Stronghold and engage Malqarth The Hungerer in battle to liberate the region.

Ruins Of Qara-Yisu

The Ruins Of Qara-Yisu make up the third Stronghold location in the Dry Steppes region of Diablo 4. These cursed ruins are filled with Viles Ones and other Yisuni demons, and you must battle through these hordes in order to destroy the 3 Infernal Spires around the Stronghold. These Infernal Spires take a little bit of time to destroy, and meanwhile you'll need to stay alive against the onslaught of enemies (including named Elite bosses). Once they're destroyed, head into the mine in the centre and slay Utulku, The Voice Below to conquer the Stronghold.

Altar Of Ruin

The Altar of Ruin is located on the northern border of Kehjistan, just below the Fields Of Hatred in the Dry Steppes. This temple is filled with crazed worshippers and cultists who will attempt to slay you while you search the Stronghold for the three Keystones that unlock the Ritual Chamber at the top of the Stronghold. Inside you must defeat various miniboss waves before facing Dark Cardinal Maldul to liberate the region.


Alcarnus is a small Stronghold squished between the two deserts of Kehjistan. Head straight to the final room of the Stronghold and speak with the Necromancer there. Afterwards you must defeat Rashta, The Mad Surgeon, and destroy the three Necrotic Masses in the Stronghold. Once you've done this, return to the room where you found Rashta to fight her once again as Rashta Reborn - the final boss of the Stronghold of Alcarnus.

Omath's Redoubt

Omath's Redoubt is located to the far south of Kehjistan, on the border of the Fields Of Hatred there. This Stronghold is filled with deadly spirits, Banshees, and Shambling Corpses. Find and inspect the Cerermonial Staff in the centre of the Stronghold, and you'll summon the boss of Omath's Redoubt: High Priestess Hadar, one of the more dangerous Stronghold bosses in the game. Make sure you're prepared!

Crusader's Monument

Crusader's Monument can be found in Hawezar, just north of the Umir Plateau that borders Kehjistan. It's a multi-stage Stronghold quest, this one - start by defeating the undead enemies crowded around the brazier, then interact with the graverobber's corpse and pick up the Exhumed Crusader's Skull. Place it in the brazier, and then retrieve the other Crusaders' Skulls and place them in the brazier too. Doing this will spawn three bosses: Dame Maryam, Sir Thom, and Sir Morholt - the Crusader Champions. Defeat them to conquer the entire Stronghold.

Eriman's Pyre

Eriman's Pyre is located in the north of Hawezar, not too far at all from Kyovashad in fact. Inspect the Pyre and speak with the spirit there - while contending against oodles of Fallen and other enemies, of course. Defeat the Overseer that spawns around the Pyre, and then explore the corners of the Stronghold to retrieve the Villagers' Remains and bring them back to the Pyre to extinguish it once and for all. Doing so will prompt the final boss battle of this Stronghold, against Duz'agur, Eriman's Bane.


Vyeresz is a small Stronghold located in the far southeast of Hawezar and Sanctuary in general. This Stronghold is filled with cultists and snakes - not a nice combo. Find the three Serpent's Eye shrines and destroy them. Then open the Serpent Eye door (and survive the waves of attacks from the Cultists that begin while the door slowly opens), then slay the horrible clawed gorgon (clawgon?) boss Dianthus in the final room of the Stronghold.

That's every single Stronghold in Diablo 4, where to find them, and what you'll find inside. If you want a bit of help preparing yourself for the difficult Stronghold battles ahead, do enlist the aid of our guides on the best Barbarian build, best Druid build, best Necromancer build, best Rogue build, and best Sorcerer build in Diablo 4.

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