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Diablo III: Imp's Good To Be Back

Taking a good old crack at making an exciting upcoming videogame game as unexciting as possible is this short, strangely detached look at one of the classic baddies returning in Blizzard's upcoming Diablo sequel. The Fallen Ones are coming back, as proven by a new video that is, to my mind, very much trying to reassure crazy fans that their treasured murky colour palette isn't entirely replaced by - oh grud don't make me say the bad words - 'WoW gayness'.

More casual Diablo fans will remember the Fallen Ones as the little impy guys who resurrect themselves in huge numbers unless you nobble the Shaman lurking at the back. New (I think) to their first 3D iteration is the splendid Lunatic - a toad-chested chap who, at a guess, stabs himself in the fiery belly to wreak high-temperature havoc on anyone close enough. The video beneath the cut shows concept art and some brief in-engine animations of the various Fallenses - it's frankly a dull piece of footage, but it's there to excite the fans, not to sell the game to a new crowd. Two more screenshots to pore over too, which also seem deliberately dark.

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Certainly looks a bit more Classic Diablo in tone and colour than the controversial brighter stuff we've seen so far. While I was never quite massive enough a Diablo fan to care a whit about the colour scheme of this one, I do find this apparent promise of contrast and variety very appealing. Also, fat mad things are always funny, right?

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