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Disintegration beta testing takes off at the end of the month

Hedz up

Fancy yourself the best biker/commander/gunship pilot in town? Sci-fi shooter Disintegration might not be swooping in for a good while yet, but you'll have your chance to prove your chops sooner than you'd think. For four days this month, V1 Interactive's FPS-turned-tactics dogfighter will be playable, thanks to two multiplayer beta sessions kicking off on January 28th.

Disintegration's closed beta will run from 4 pm - 7:59 am (8 am - 11:59 pm PT) on Tuesday 28th and Wednesday 29th. Folks missing out on the closed beta can still check out an open beta from January 31st through February 1st.

With a team headed up by former Halo art director Marcus Leto, Disintegration is a hell of a thing to describe. It's an FPS, yeah, but one where you're locked inside a massive gun-toting drone (sorry, gravcycle), issuing commands to a team on the ground while you take the occasional pot-shot from a safe distance. There's a whole campaign regarding folks sticking their brains in robots, giving their kids Destiny-adjacent names like "Romer Shoal".

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But put that all aside for now. This month's beta is solely concerned with multiplayer PVP offerings. Every player gets control of their own crew, each with their own quirks and characters. There'll be seven of these to choose from in the beta, including the damage-buffing "Tech Noir" and the ridiculously-named "Warhedz", a trigger-happy group of Fallout cosplayers that can't stop firing nukes.

These crews will be pulling in all the hard work across two familiar objective modes. Retrieval has your team delivering a payload behind enemy lines, while Control is your bread-and-butter capture point affair. The catch? You're never directly doing any of the objective-scoring yourself, instead issuing orders to your grunts, keeping opposing crews and players off their back like some sorta cyborg guardian angel.

At least nobody can get mad at you for not pushing the payload here. A blessing, really.

It does sound bloody fascinating to play, even if I'm totally over this particular brand of sassy robot sci-fi. You can put your name in the hat for the closed beta, or else keep informed on how to access the subsequent open beta, by registering over on the Disintegration site here.

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