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Jetbike shooter Disintegration swoops in for a June launch

Flying out for summer

Wear a crash helmet? Buddy, my entire head is a crash helmet. Disintegration, the flying motorcycle shooter debut from developers V1 Interactive, delivered a new trailer today - showing off more of its "evil robots fight sassy robots" story antics and pinning down a release date for next month.

Disintegration prepares for take-off with a new trailer diving deeper into the game's story. See, the bad robots are quite unhappy that all the sorta-robots are working with the not-robots to stop them turning everyone into robots. Probably.

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Leading your rag-tag band of cyborgs atop a flying, gun-toting motorcycle, Disintegration is a curious hybrid of first-person-shootin' and squad tactics. The idea is that you'll be commanding your units across the battlefield while offering air support, a kind of real-time XCOM where you can whip out a rifle at any moment.

It's a neat set-up for a story, too, even if its mechanical style errs closer to Anthem than Destiny 2 in the "space blokes with snazzy helmets" department. With humanity forced to plug their brains into robots to survive, a group of malicious bots have decided we'd all be better off living in the cloud. Naturally, your band are part of a movement against being forced into an eternity of windows updates and tech support, choosing to fight back by way of armed flying motorbikes.

Imogen gave Disintegration a bash during a beta session this January and found that strategy-shooter balance didn't quite pan out in practice - at least, not in multiplayer, with the skies busy with other players. "To be honest, most of the time I was so distracted by other groups of gravcycles teaming up to shoot the shit out of me."

There's been time to tweak the multiplayer balance, mind, and hopefully the singleplayer manages to straddle a more elegant line between squad commands and dogfighting. We'll find out when Disintegration takes off on Steam on June 16th.

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