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Disintegration is out now, crashing hoverbikes into RTS-y bits

From the art director of Halo

The futuredream of metal legs and a hoverbike come together today with the launch Disintegration. Combining first-person shooter with mild RTS squad control, it's about a plucky bunch of robotised freedom fighters trying to save the world and that. While I'm always up for futurebikers, our VidBuds recently had a play and didn't really get on with it.

First, the launch trailer giving the official introduction:

It's the future, then, and everything's going to heck. The obvious solution, rather than address systemic issues, was to put human brains in robot bodies. Turns out, that didn't go so hot. So off we and our robopals go, riding our heavily-armed gravcycle, blasting baddies, and leading squads around. As well as the singleplayer campaign, Disintegration does have online PvP multiplayer. But our VidBuds didn't think the shooting and strategising came together well when they played the first half of the campaign.

"It feels like a missed opportunity in many ways," Colm explained to Matthew, "because I can see the building blocks of something here but... yeah, Disintegration 2, maybe."

While this is V1 Interactive's first game, the 30-person studio do have some big name recognition in founder and president Marcus Lehto. He was the art director of the first three Halo games, creative director of Halo: Reach, and chipped in on art direction for Destiny.

Disintegration is out now on Steam for £40/€50/$50. It's on PS4 and Xbone too. Private Division, the third-party publishing label of Take-Two Interactive, publish this one.

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