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Disney Dreamlight Valley's Toy Story realm launches next month

Introduce Woody and Buzz to several horrible villains

Disney Dreamlight Valley's second major update now has a release date. Characters, locations and cosmetic items from Toy Story will be added to the free-to-play life sim on December 6th.

The news was announced with a tweet, although we're still reliant on the announcement trailer for what the update contains:

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The update adds the "Toy Story realm", which looks like a version of Andy's bedroom in which your Dreamlight Valley character will be shrunk to the size of a toy. You'll also be able to bring Woody and Buzz Lightyear back to your world to meet other Disney characters, and to dress-up in various Toy Story themed characters.

I remain deeply skeptical of Dreamlight Valley as a proposition, but how you feel about it seems precisely aligned with how much you like Disney in general.

In our Dreamlight Valley review, Steve Hogarty went so far as to call it a "transcendental experience" for people who have an affection for the worlds and characters of Disney movies. He found it harder to recommend to everyone else due to its quest-ending bugs and heavy grinding.

Dreamlight Valley remains in early acces on PC, but for all my skepticism and Steve's issue with bugs, it's got overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam. If you want to join them, check out our guide on how to gather seaweed like the greatest Disney movie protagonists. Or better yet watch this 90 minute documentary on the four-note Disney Channel theme, which knocked me down last night.

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