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Dragon's Dogma 2 updates will give you new save option and make player dwellings available earlier

Capcom detail plans for the first wodge of tweaks and bug fixes

The Arisen and some Pawns fight off goblins in Dragon's Dogma 2.
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Capcom

Fantasy action-RPG Dragon's Dogma 2 has had a tumultuous launch week: praised by reviewers, slated for its performance issues, and berated for its microtransactions, which appear to have been stealthily added after the game was sent to critics. Now begins the labour of patching the game. Capcom have released a few hints about forthcoming Dragon's Dogma 2 updates. Their plans for the PC version include letting players acquire dwellings earlier on in the story, improving quality when DLSS super resolution is enabled, and adding the option to start a new game when save data already exists.

All this comes from the below tweet, which follows a Steam post last Friday in which Capcom acknowledge the aforesaid performance problems.

There are no update release timings as yet, but the developers have already made some adjustments to the game's buggy pawn search feature, following player complaints. "We have finished work on the pawn search feature, and now pawn searches, including those with the Quest Knowledge criteria, should be working properly," reads another tweet from this morning. "We apologize for the inconvenience and hope the pawn search serves you well as you play."

Our hardware editor James (Magick) Archer had many thoughts about Dragon's Dogma 2 PC performance last week. Here's an excerpt from his write-up: "Dragon's Dogma 2 suffers a performance collapse every time you go near a settlement, likely doesn't make the most of your hardware, and allows for only small framerate improvements by dropping the quality settings. Oh, and I perhaps being overly kind when I said it runs mostly fine in the wilds, as there's an ever-present risk of smaller stuttering that (as far as I can tell) can't be fixed on the player's end."

Certainly seems there's grounds for a patch or two! I didn't notice many serious technical problems during my Dragon's Dogma 2 diary from earlier in the month, but then again, I was too busy getting stamped on by golems to pay much attention to the performance. How are you finding it?

Speaking as a vintage Dragon's Dogmatist who played the original way back on ye olde Xbox 360, I've found it interesting/maddening to follow the reaction to Dragon's Dogma 2 from players who are new to the series. There's been a fiery reaction about being limited to one save file per playthrough, which I've seen branded with the dread designation "anti-consumer".

There's also been some pushback against a new mechanic - potential spoilers ahead - Dragonsplague, which simulates the spread of an infection between recruitable, online Pawn characters which may eventually drive your Pawns into a murderous rampage. It sounds very entertaining, to me, but I imagine it must be infuriating if you don't notice the warning signs in time. We might do a separate piece on the subject.

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