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Dragon's Dogma 2: When Wills Collide quest walkthrough

The time has come to finally complete Dragon's Dogma 2, in When Wills Collide

The Arisen holds the Godsbane Blade and prepares for the end in Dragon's Dogma 2.
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Capcom

Looking for a walkthrough for the main quest When Wills Collide in Dragon's Dogma 2? It's been a long, winding road from waking up in a labour camp at the start of Dragon's Dogma 2 to defying fate and bringing forth the Unmoored World. If you've been following our walkthroughs from the start, that road is finally about to come to an end in this quest, which is the last major mission you'll complete in the secret endgame of Dragon's Dogma 2.

If you're ready to take the plunge, read the following When Wills Collide quest walkthrough and prepare yourself for the finale.

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When Wills Collide quest walkthrough

When Wills Collide objectives:

  • Return to the resting place of the Guardian Gigantus.
  • Watch the ensuing battle between the reanimated Gigantus and the Purgener Dragon.
  • Go to the last red beacon by the Seafloor Shrine.
  • Use the Godsbane Blade on the beacon.
  • Avoid the Dragon's attacks.

"When Wills Collide" only opens after you've completed all of the objectives in "Halls of the First Dawn". You can begin it in a few different ways, including speaking to Ambrosius in the Forbidden Magick Research Lab of Bakbattahl, but I've found it easier to simply go to the resting place of the giant stone guardian that you stopped in the quest "The Guardian Gigantus." In my game, Ambrosius was already there waiting for me, though depending on how you've gone about the quests in the Unmoored World, events may play out slightly differently.

However you begin the quest, once you veer close to the Guardian Gigantus' broken form, your main pawn will go haywire as a Purgener Dragon falls from the sky. This is another one of those Brine-infused worms that you presumably battled in "Halls of the First Dawn." But this time, you don't have to battle it - your pawn's soul is transferred into the Guardian Gigantus to fight it for you. All you need to do is stand back and watch this kaiju-esque rumble, which takes about two or three minutes to finish.

A reanimated Talos battles a Purgener Dragon in Dragon's Dogma 2.
Front row seats to my pawn in the body of the Guardian Gigantus, fighting a huge worm? Thank you! | Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Capcom

This technically completes "When Wills Collide" and destroys the last Purgener Dragon threat. You'll hear the voice of the mysterious Pathfinder, urging you onwards towards a new beacon on the map that's opened by the Seafloor Shrine. This beacon marks the true ending and the point of no return. If you'd like to continue to explore the Unmoored World, now's the time to do it.

When you're ready, go to the beacon and use the Godsbane Blade. The Dragon will appear and the credits will begin to roll. There's not much more to reveal that doesn't veer into extreme spoiler territory, but just know that you'll be able to control your Arisen during the game's last epic moments. Avoid the Dragon's attacks, and follow the same path you took when you climbed above this beast's back to unlock the Unmoored World in the first place. You were born to do this, Arisen, and the end is nigh!

The Dragon rises above the ending credits in Dragon's Dogma 2.
It's all led to this. Welcome to the true ending of Dragon's Dogma 2. | Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Capcom

Congratulations! You should feel proud of yourself for completing this truly gargantuan adventure. But New Game + awaits, which means another chance for your Arisen to determine the fate of reality. It's also a grand opportunity to test out some new vocations and try an entirely different character build. If you're still hankering for more Dragon's Dogma even after reaching the true ending, take a look at our various vocation guides. We've got guides for the Archer, Fighter, Mage, Magick Archer, Mystic Spearhand, Sorcerer, Thief, Trickster, Warrior, and Warfarer. We've also got full rundowns of the best weapons and best armor in Dragon's Dogma 2. Good luck, Arisen!

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