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Elden Ring PC launch and preload times confirmed

In the UK, we'll get to play at 11pm on Thursday

Bandai Namco have finally confirmed PC launch timings for Elden Ring, and they are different to console timing. While the console versions will have staggered launches around the world at midnight local time (mostly), on PC it's a simultaneous global launch. Depending on where you live, this could mean you get to start playing on PC hours before your consolable chums—or you could be waiting hours. Preloading is due to start tonight, too.

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The midnight console launches were already known, but the PC timings are new. The game's Twitter yesterday announced 'em with a handy map. Basically, they're flicking the switch on Steam at midnight CET on Friday the 25th, which means it's 11pm on the 24th for us, and folks in Pacific timezone get it as early as 3pm. Gonna be a lot of people all antsy watching the clock at school or work.

Don't miss the note in the corner stating that preloading should begin 48 hours before then on PC and Xbox (it's already started on PlayStation). For us in the UK, that should mean 11pm tonight.

Normally I'd reiterate the RPS warning of "never pre-order" but I'm pretty sure y'all already know if you're getting it or not.

We're celebrating the launch of Elden Ring with a Souls Week here on RPS, with a series of articles about the wonders of FromSoft games, leading up to our review.

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