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Elden Ring players are making horrific masterpieces with the character creator

Some are definitely tarnished

Elden Ring is nothing if not about perseverance - and also extremely good recreations of famous people using the in-game character creator. There’s a whole community over on Reddit – r/SoulsSliders – who’ve dedicated themselves to showing off their latest masterpieces, like, for example this horrifically photorealistic version of Rick from Rick And Morty, because of course.

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When creating characters in other games such as Nioh 2, you’re usually given a little code that you can send to other people so you can share your creations with them. But not here! This is Elden Ring baby! The SoulsSliders subreddit (which was created in 2016 but has, as you can imagine, gone Elden Ring crazy recently) exists to try find a solution to this problem. The rules are pretty simple: “If you post a character, you must post the sliders.” What most people opt for is posting a picture of their creation with, like, 19 other screenshots in an album showing every customisation feature they've used. Because that’s actually the easiest way.

Elden Ring allows for needlessly deep customisation - see also Ed's post about a terrifying Sonic player - so there are genuinely some incredible creations on display. The Reddit user bellyPower made Robert Pattinson’s Batman, complete with the eye makeup, for realism.

There are a lot of game characters in play. SpookMcBones' made a very impressive version of the world’s greatest dad, Kratos, and pISTOLEr’s Sekiro who has now ended up in the Lands Between. Hasn't he suffered enough?

Remember a few years ago when it felt like Geralt was getting put into every game that came out? Well, it's not funny now, but think about how funny it would've been if you saw this back then. For Nier fans, you can make a pretty good A2 in Elden Ring. Just pick up a katana and it's the same thing, if you squint extremely hard. Turtle_man00's made an updated version of the Doom Guy, complete with his ridiculously defined jaw.

And of course, there are more absurd ones. What about a terrifying Willem Dafoe? No, not the Green Goblin, or the dude from The Lighthouse, but literally, just Willem Dafoe. Or how do you feel about Dr. Manhattan? He's even got the hydrogen atom on his forehead. Surely, you have to go for a magic build right?

Elden Ring does lets you change your character's appearance at any point... I might spend a few hours running about as Kratos now.

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