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Elden Ring release time, preload details, and file size

Everything you need to know ahead of Elden Ring's release

When does Elden Ring release in my region? Elden Ring is one of the most highly-anticipated games of 2022, and for once we don't have to delay our gratification when it comes to getting our hands on a hotly-tipped GOTY contender, since it's out at the end of February. On this page, we'll cover release dates and times for Elden Ring, as well as providing up-to-date information about preloading and file sizes to help you prepare for the big day. Happy Souls Week everyone!

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Elden Ring release time on PC

Elden Ring will be released for PC on February 24th, 2022 at 11pm GMT. For our friends in other time zones, here's what that means:

  • Central Europe - February 25th at midnight CET
  • UK - February 24th at 11pm GMT
  • US East Coast - February 24th at 6pm EST
  • US West Coast - February 24th at 3pm PST

Please note that these details refer to digital releases of the game only. While all editions of the game nominally unlock at the appointed time for their region and platform, physical copies will in practice be made available as soon as is feasibly possible at the discretion of the retailer you're buying from.

Elden Ring release time on consoles

The console release has slightly different timings to PC, with Elden Ring becoming available for current- and last-gen Xbox and PlayStation owners at February 25th, 2022 at midnight in all time zones.

While the PC version of Elden Ring releases simultaneously worldwide, the console versions of the game have staggered release times depending on time zone. That means that console players will potentially be a few hours behind their PC-gaming pals even in the same region. So console players in particular should exercise caution throughout the day on February 24th if you don't want to see spoilers, and of course everyone should strive to be courteous and mindful of what you put online once the game unlocks for your region and platform.

Can I preload Elden Ring?

Elden Ring preloads were initially only available for players who have pre-ordered the game (either digitally or physically) on Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One. Preloads for physical copies can be managed through the Xbox App on mobile devices.

PC and PlayStation owners were informed (via the official Elden Ring Twitter account) that they would be able to begin preloading 48 hours before release. PC players are now well within that window, so should be able to begin downloading the game from Steam.

PC owners can also prepare for the game's release by downloading Nvidia's Game Ready Driver with tailored support for Elden Ring, which is available now.

What is the file size for Elden Ring?

We don't currently have firm details on the Elden Ring file size for PC, but we can confirm that the system requirements call for at least 60GB of free space, which is surprisingly lightweight for a AAA game.

For some indication of the actual file size, we can turn to the information that's already out there regarding console releases. Preloading the game on Xbox reveals its size on that platform to be 49GB. Reportedly, the file size on PlayStation will be closer to 45GB. However, it's worth noting that neither of these take a potential day one patch into account.

Here at RPS we've got loads of Elden Ring coverage planned, plus other Souls Week goodies, so be sure to stay tuned for all your Elden Ring needs! In the meantime, to whet your appetite, have a read of Ed's thoughts after previewing the first six hours of Elden Ring.

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