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Enjoy our famous and adored podcast LIVE next week at EGX Online!

From our mouths to your ears

As you all know, we here at The Rock Paper Shotgun Electronic Wireless Show podcast love to innovate and do things that nobody has ever done before. That's why we're going to do a live podcast episode! I know, I know. This has never been attempted by god nor human. But hold your applause and gasps of wonder until you're listening to The RPS Electronic Show Live - The Living A Normal Life Special, part of EGX Digital!

Catch us on the official PAX Online X EGX Digital website next Tuesday the 15th, at 12pm. What a lovely little lunchtime treat, eh?

The theme, living a normal life, is partly so we could make a terrible pun that doesn't quite work on live/life, but partly because in 2020 normal life seems a dream, beyond the reach of our grasp. Not if you have games, though! So we'll be chatting about the games that let us simulate a life, be that a tiny but more attractive version of your own in The Sims, or one where you are a cruel and capricious god in Black & White.

Diversions will abound, as per usual, probably involving fish because Nate's diversions always involve fish. That reminds me of a funny story actua- haha, I'm just joking.

Plus, of course, we will have everyone's favourite and well produced quiz segment The Cavern Of Lies! And, because this is a live podcast, you can join in and make your own guesses! We might even make time for a cheeky Q&A segment at the end, you little rascals.

Watch on YouTube

PAX Online X EGX Digital is a big huge online gamestravaganza that's happening to replace some of our favourite physical shows that we couldn't do this year. Although we rather overdid, because PAX X EGX is from the 12th to the 20th of September. That's eight entire days of panels and livestreams and let's plays and interviews, and a digital show floor with game demos and goodness me.

Team RPS are doing a few other fun things over the week as well. Keep your eyes peeled here, on, and and on the official EGX Twitter for more announcements.

And, obviously, set an alarm for 12pm Tuesday so you don't miss The Rock Paper Shotgun Electronic Wireless Show - Live!

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