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Euro Truck Simulator 2 expanding France next week

20,000km new roads

While American Truck Simulator has recently received a lot of love and care from developers SCS Software, it turns out they haven't forgotten about Europe. Euro Truck Simulator 2 [official site] is now getting another expansion. Vive La France enlarges France, adding more detail, more towns and 20,000km more roads. It's due out next week on December 5th and there's a trailer below.

Cover image for YouTube video

Check out this list of additions, too: "15 new cities, Rural French villages and sceneries, Enhanced vegetation, dense forests, New local companies to work for, French tollgate system, New industries including nuclear plants, New cargoes to haul."

My love of Euro Truck Simulator is wholly unironic, but stuff like "French tollgate system" is still delightful for its nerdiness. ("Enhanced vegetation, dense forests" is just plain delightful.)

We occasionally talk in the RPS treehouse about what we want from sequels and expansions to these games. Larger terrain is definitely one on my list. I like long haul journeys, when you can enter into a kind of fugue state, forget about everything but the road, and flow across countries. I enjoy the satisfaction of making my delivery and receiving new goods, but those activities shake me out of my reverie. A bigger France will help keep me there for longer.

The expansion is being sold at the same price as the previous Scandinavian expansion, on Steam and other places. That means it'll cost you £13.49/$18.99/€17.99.

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