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Fallout 76's last surviving human NPC lives only to suffer

Why did they program him to feel pain!?

Have pity on Wooby, the last non-vault-dwelling human in Fallout 76's West Virginia. Robbed of a voice, his only reason to exist - as hinted at by the long-standing trope of similar name - is to suffer, probably as a target for weapons testing. Wooby exists in a sealed off little void packed to the brim with weapons and items, some of which aren't technically meant to be available yet in the beleaguered pseudo-MMO. Some players have managed to weasel their way into this forbidden land, but Bethesda would rather people not meet Wooby. I was lucky to snap the picture above before the YouTube video it's from disappeared into the ether.

As Eurogamer report, this developer room has technically been known of for a while now, with details quietly circulated on Reddit and player Discord channels. It's probably best not to delve into it, however. Those who dig into the forbidden treasure trove are now finding their accounts suspended, with the only path back to West Virginia being to divulge their secrets to Bethesda customer support. The support team are kindly offering the chance to strip characters of their clearly corrupted equipment and return them to the world only after receiving a signed confession and a detailed description of how they got in.

Watch on YouTube
Another copy of the video found on YouTube, although it may disappear at any moment. Appending the clip with a trailer for The Outer Worlds is an very sassy move, I admit.

According to Eurogamer, players are trying to capitalise on whatever illicit back-roads they've forged into this most secretive of vaults. Players have been using characters on expendable accounts to smuggle out gear and pass them on to other players in the hopes that their accomplices won't be spotted by Bethesda. While not a full MMO, it's understandable that Bethesda would want to put a stop to anyone smuggling effectively unlimited top-tier gear out of the developer room. Or maybe they're just protecting Wooby - he probably suffered enough during development.

My take is that we should let sleeping Woobies lie. Give him his eternity in limbo, uncharred by lasers and unchewed by Deathclaws. Go play Fallout: New California - a full game's worth of new talking-NPC-filled story for New Vegas - instead. Or if you're insistent on exploring virtual Appalachia, Dave Irwin's guides to Fallout 76 may help. No hints on how to get to Wooby, though.

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