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Fallout 76 players are cross at Bethesda for taking away their stew

Stewing with anger

Borimaus was on his last legs. The Appalachian wilds had always been harsh, and a recent patch had stripped back how quickly he could gain XP. Starvation loomed. He grimaced, fixing the scarred landscape with one last look as his fingers fumbled towards the disconnect button. Then: a can of stew descended from the heavens, an altruistic spark in the irradiated darkness. Someone else had finished a quest, granting every player on the Fallout 76 server with an XP-enhancing brew.

Then Bethesda declared that was actually a bug, and the stew flowed no more.

Initially, the "Feed The People" event did exactly that. A klaxon would go off, nearby survivors went and guarded some food processing machines, and then everyone on the server would receive a can of the good stuff. It turns out the devs are less generous than we thought, and only meant to Feed The People who participated. The handouts stopped with yesterday's patch.

Reddit is aflood with those who feel short-changed.

"Not only will I simply miss the occasional gift it bestowed on me" said "Felice_rdt", "but as a solo player with no friends who play the game, it's basically the one thing that made me feel like there was a semblance of a community among the former vault dwellers."

"SeditiousAngels" struck a similar note: "I haven't been able to find others to do events with, and so anywhere I am if I see people doing it I go to help because it's the only time I feel like I'm not alone in the wasteland."

"They should rename the quest "feed the person" in that case", contributed "BenPrint". "Was fucking nice to get that meat stew once in a while..."

“What the hell?! I thought it was a feature,” said "ThisCocaineNinja". “It’s called ‘Feed the people,’ not ‘Feed three people’".

I like that the angriest folk are also the ones doing jokes.

At least the soupless are faring better than "Brogadyn", a player who begged Bethesda for death last month after they accidentally made them immortal. I do hope they're not ok now.

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