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Far Cry 5's Vietnam War story DLC should be out now


The Vietnam War is the unlikely setting for Far Cry 5's first DLC, released today, through far stranger is yet to come. The 'Hours Of Darkness' stars Wendell Redler, the fella in the main game who sends us on a thrilling fetch quest seeking a dozen cigarette lighters, as we revisit a terrible time in his 'Nam days. Given the sensitivity and insight with which Far Cry 5 explored the allure and dangers of cults, it's thrilling to contemplate how they might interrogate myths of the- naw, I'm just joshin' you.

The DLC is supposed to be out now but seems to have hit a snag.

So there Wendell is, imprisoned behind enemy lines in 'Nam. At least he's got new murdering perks on his side. Can you help him escape and rescue his squadmates? I hope so, or you'll be undercutting the vital lore of that lighter-collecting mission.

Hours Of Darkness costs £10/€12/$12 on its tod on Steam. Or it comes as part of the DLC season pass, which costs £26/€30/$30 and includes the two future expansions as well as Far Cry 3 because reasons. It's on Ubisoft's Uplay store too but that's so ha-ha-hilariously region-locked that any link I included would throw up errors for most of you.

Speaking of errors, Steam players are finding that though Hours Of Darkness seemingly downloads, they can't play it. Ubisoft say they're aware of the issue and are investigating, but they don't know when it might be fixed. Uplayers are having problems too, though Ubisoft do a potential fix to suggest there.

Those other two expansions, Dead Living Zombies and Lost On Mars, will be a bit weirder - B movies of another sort. One will bring a wave survival mode fighting against zombies, and t'other will fight alien arachnids on Mars.


You can see the Hours of Darkness launch trailer and, later, a lump of gameplay in this archive of Ubisoft's launch livestream today:

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