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Come Learn About Firewatch's Art At Rezzed

How did they make it beautiful?

Firewatch [official site] is a masterful and beautiful first-person narrative game in which you play a fire lookout who watches for trouble, becomes embroiled in mystery, and has adult conversations with another adult in ways you control. To quote John's review, it "expands the possibilities for how a narrative game can be presented, without bombast or gimmick."

Want to learn more about how it was made? Come along to EGX Rezzed on April 8th and you can find out, as we'll be quizzing visual director Olly Moss and animator James Benson on stage about how they helped recreate the great American landscape of the Wyoming wilderness from their homes in England.

If the names Olly Moss and James Benson already sound familiar, that might be because Firewatch isn't the first project. In Moss's case he's known for his stellar illustration work on book covers and posters for Harry Potter and Studio Ghibli, while Benson is known for his self-animated Half-Life trailer, Dance Fortress, and his work as both animator and designer on Ori and the Blind Forest.

To cut a long story short, these people are talented and you should come learn about how they do what they do.

This joins two other RPS sessions:

April 8th, 2pm: Rock, Paper, Shotgun presents: Evolving CRPGs - Divinity: Original Sin 2. Swen Vincke, Creative Director & Founder of Larian Studios explains how the team plans to overcome the challenges of giving multiple players pen-&-paper like freedom in a story-driven RPG.

April 9th, 1pm: Rock, Paper, Shotgun presents: Sunless Sea Retrospective. Developer Liam McDonald and producer Lottie Bevan talk about 2015's Sunless Sea and present the latest version of Zubmariner, the upcoming expansion which takes your Captain under the Unterzee.

Tickets are on sale for Rezzed now. We'll not only be running our own sessions like these (with more to be announced), but will have our own room with our picks for the best games of the show and more besides. Come along!

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