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For Honor season 2 adding Shinobi and Centurion in May

NInja get everywhere

Shinobi and Centurions will join the historical battlefields of For Honor [official site] when season 2 kicks off on May 16th, Ubisoft announced today. The Samurai faction's Shinobi is a nippy Assassin type armed with two sickles on chains (kusarigama, if you want to get technical), while the Centurion is a Vanguard/Assassin hybrid who fights for the Knights with a gladius. The update will also bring new maps, new gear, and a rebalancing of the gear stats system. Probably some other stuff too. Bits and bobs.

Season 2 will start on May 16th, though only players who own the season pass will get the Shinbo and Centurion then. They'll unlock instantly Seasoneers on the 16th, but other folks will need to wait until May 23rd then unlock them with Steel (the virtuacash earned while playing). The rest of season 2's stuff will come on the 16th for all. Ubi say about all that:

"In addition to two new heroes, two new maps titled Forge and Temple Garden will offer new battlegrounds for the continuing conflict. These will be available for free for all players at the start of Season 2, along with an update that will increase the maximum gear score, adjust the balance of the entire gear stats system, and introduce a new Epic level of gear rarity. The start of the season will also mark the return of the Faction War and a chance for the Vikings to repeat their hard-fought first-season victory."

But what are the Shinobi and Centurion actually like? Game director Roman Campos Oriola is a fan of the Centurion, and said this in a livestream today:

"He's really in your face. He has a lot of initiating moves. He's able to put a lot of pressure. He has some really interesting melee moves that knock you down and then when you're down he has some follow-ups that are actually really cool. And he's really brutal, and he has one of the best executions yet."

As for the Shinobi, Oriola says:

"With the Shinobi, we're trying something different. We're trying to have a character that really has long range. The whole concept behind the character- so he has those scythes that he can throw and bring back, and the idea is that he's a little bit on elastic. He's at distance, prepares his moves, strikes you from distance, then jumps in, he's in your face, do some quick combos, go back, etc.

The idea behind the character is that mix behind a long-range character and the really short-range, in-your-face, fast moves. Also, he's a character with a really large moveset that will require a little bit more skill and a little bit more dexterity."

You too may test your fingers in May.

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