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Forget the stream leak, here's a proper look at Cyberpunk 2077's Nomad intro

The nails aren't nearly as impressive, this time 'round.

With just over two weeks to go until Cyberpunk 2077 hits shelves, CD Projekt have slip another ratty VHS tape of footage under our office doors. Okay, so this one has "PlayStation" written all over it, but let's peel that sticker off and take this latest vid for what it is - a dusty, banged up showcase of the smuggling shenanigans, interrogations, and disorderly driving wot makes up a Nomad V's first steps into Night City.

And this time, the footage didn't fall off the back of a truck.

Just ignore all the bits where they talk about the power of the PlayStation 5. Assuming you're clued up on the system requirements, I'm sure your rig will do the job just fine.

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Like this week's leaked stream, today's vid pores over the Mad Max-ish Nomad lifepath. Unlike said stream, it's not a complete waste of time for folks who are looking for Cyberpunk vids and not, y'know, some awkward stoners giggling about their illicitly-acquired videogame. We start in the character creator - not an in-depth look, mind, but enough to get the full 360 on this brilliantly terribly mohawk-slash-mullet 'do.

What follows is a sort of smash cut of leading lad V's entry into Night City. Getting an old banger up and running, running checkpoints with yer mate V, sitting in an interrogation cell with a robo-eyed border cop. The sun-blasted countryside then immediately cuts into the grim downpour of Night City proper, with the pair of you catching a firefight on the streets before getting caught up in one yourselves.

It's certainly a more directed sequence than last week's Xbox showcase. But then, our car-jock PlayStation V isn't sporting anything nearly as fashionable as Xbox V's chequerboard nails. In fact, his nails are perfectly bland and normal lookin', a shocking lack of grime under 'em for someone who supposedly works with cars all day. Poser.

The rest of the video is focussed on PS4 Pro and PS5 comparisons. CDPR have already stated that the game is "ready for PC", of course. Assuming no more delays, Cyberpunk 2077 will finally launch on December 10th.

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