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Forspoken's cinematic trailer shows a world the demo suggests it might not live up to

Forspoken, not forsaken, Forspoken, not forsaken

Last month CJ reported that we might see a demo for Forspoken, Square Enix's upcoming action RPG with magic-infused parkour. A demo did indeed come out in December, but only on PS5 - and to very mixed reviews. It's a shame, because the world on show in its latest cinematic trailer looks appetisingly stylish.

The game comes out on January 24th, so we'll know for sure soon enough.

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Ignore the waffle about the nature of fear unlocking your true potential. Look at those demonic deer, the flippy lightning blasts, the wibbly tentacle cyclops. Put me in, coach.

Or not! PS5 owners were divided about the demo, with some adoring it while others said the combat felt sluggish and the map empty.

I sold my PS5 for travelling money, so I haven't had a chance to try it for myself. I have watched clips where people spend a little too long whittling down health bars with magic shards or repetitive sword slashes, but the acrobatics and bombastic elemental explosions look juicy. It's entirely possible people's problems with the demo were wrapped up with their inexperience, perhaps resorting to basic attacks more than they needed to. Who knows!

Forspoken is made by Luminous Productions, the studio behind Final Fantasy XV. That's the one with the car and the boys, if you have as hard a time identifying Final Fantasy games just from their names as I do.

It's out on January 24th, coming to Steam, the Microsoft Store and the Epic Games Store. It'll cost you a hefty £65/$70/€80.

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